Friday, April 7, 2017

Weeping Willow Designs

Beautiful earth riches worked into dynamic, energetically-helpful designs.

Semi-precious stone beads and freshwater pearls combined with handcrafted Bali silver. Strung on nylon-coated steel with sterling clasps and findings. Double crimp beads used to finish.

I worked previously for two years as the in-house bead jewellery designer at Art of My Heart, TD Square, downtown Calgary, Alberta.

Contact: willowsweb [at]

Note: Sterling does tarnish over time, but a quick rub with a silver polishing cloth makes it shine again. Many of the beads I use are already oxidized and don't need much extra care. The smoother beads do require a little polishing at times, but a whole necklace can be cleaned in about five minutes. Storing them in Ziploc bags with the air removed also helps.

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